Renewing Joy!

It costs a lot to maintain homes of our size (Sherbrooke alone is over 240,000 square feet!) This year, the Sherbrooke Foundation has been asked for more than $600,000 to replace capital equipment and furnishings that have outlived their useful life; to renovate and improve our homes at Sherbrooke and Central Haven. That money doesn’t come from government sources. Capital funds for both our homes are are raised by the Sherbrooke Foundation.

Renewing joy! is the Sherbrooke Foundation’s campaign to enhance full and abundant life for the people who live at Sherbrooke and Central Haven. The Renewing joy!  campaign is refreshing our homes with new, upgraded equipment and home improvements. The goal is enhanced well-being and joy! for our residents.

Here are a few of the current needs being addressed and requiring funding…

  • The “Nurse Call” system in Kinsmen and Veterans Villages is obsolete and beyond repair. But residents depend on it when they need assistance in their room. The cost will be about $110,000. That’s equivalent to $1,000 per village resident. Central Haven’s Nurse Call system replacement will be about $80,000 or $1300 per resident.
  • The air conditioning and heating in the Marleau-Wyant residence required a new computerized control system. It could no longer be repaired. If the current system failed, it would have taken at least two weeks without properly functioning A/C, heating and ventilating. That’s not a risk we were prepared to take with our 160 residents in this part of the building. The cost was about $50,000, equivalent to about $300 per resident.
  • Our heated food carts are relied upon to bring hot, delicious food to our Elders in the Marleau-Wyant residence. They are failing and have to be replaced…at a cost of $40,000.
  • Our aging elevators are unable to sense when someone is still trying to enter or leave the elevator. We cannot have people getting caught in the doors! The elevators require new sensors at a cost of $10,000, equivalent to about $65 per resident.
  • Our oldest resident beds are nearly 20 years old and no longer provide the comfort, support and features that our residents require. We must purchase eight new beds at a cost of $5,000 each. That’s $40,000 for beds alone.
  • An exciting development is our new door alert system. It will “open up the world” for residents living with dementia, safely enabling access from their neighbourhood into the larger Sherbrooke community. It will enrich their lives and all of ours, too. Estimated cost $55,000.
  • And the list goes on…

At Central Haven, because of donors like you (with gifts large, small and in-between), in the last year we’ve been able to initiate some wonderful projects, now underway, which are renewing our home: replace the obsolete Nurse Call system; upgrade our hallway lighting; install ceiling track lifts in our residents rooms; improve the floor care in our residents’ rooms with a new scrubber machine; upgrade the wireless internet for all; support residents’ physical well-being with a new arm-bike and stand; renew essential building needs like a new water heater, roof repairs, flooring.

Our residents are benefiting with greater safety, comfort, freedom of movement, independence and more. These are all part of quality of life. They support our residents’ joy!

Your gift – regardless of size – will make a difference by combining with many others to help us accomplish these projects! If you’d like to know more about Renewing Joy! or other initiatives, please give us a call or send us an email!