Everything Else

Visitors to Sherbrooke and Central Haven tell us there is a different atmosphere here. It is not like the nursing homes of old. They tell us it feels like something else, like home. They describe it as a place filled with life, with fun and  celebration.  There is so much we need to tell you about our home.

Tumbleweed Gift and Thrift Shop, the Annual Appeal and our signature events give you a taste of our energy, our commitment to engaging the community and our respect for donors and supporters.  With your help we can continue to make Sherbrooke and Central Haven  places where Elders can be a central part of a loving and kind community.

Annual Appeal

Your support continues to improve quality of life and gives residents opportunities to do those things that make their lives full and interesting. We celebrate your generosity and your ongoing support of the philosophy at both Sherbrooke and Central Haven.

Tumbleweed Gift and Thrift Shop