With your gifts to the Sherbrooke Foundation, you are supporting full, abundant life at Sherbrooke and Central Haven*. Both our homes  count on the Foundation to fund the specialized equipment and enhancements to our homes that make life better for our Elders.

During these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are asking, “How can we help?”  A great way is to make a gift to the Sherbrooke Foundation. Whatever the amount, all gifts combine together to make wonderful things happen!

* Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven Special Care Home are operated jointly and are supported by the Sherbrooke Foundation.
Making Things Happen

Your Gift Matters Here

Funding for equipment and improvements to our home doesn’t normally come from government sources. To make our home “the best place to live”, we count on our friends in the Sherbrooke and Central Haven Communities to share their resources with us. We can’t do our work without you!

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