Welcome to the Sherbrooke Foundation

The Sherbrooke Foundation provides funding support for full, abundant life at Sherbrooke and Central Haven*. Capital needs such as specialized equipment and enhancements to our buildings are typically the kinds of projects that the Foundation is able to fund.

During these days of Covid-19, many people ask, “How can we help?” A great way to help is to join us in our mission by making a gift to the Sherbrooke Foundation. Everyone contributes what they can and all gifts combine together to make wonderful things happen!


* Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven Special Care Home are operated jointly and are supported by the Sherbrooke Foundation.

The Sherbrooke Story

Why we need you

We need you because you have a passion for excellence.  Your support has been instrumental in helping us achieve a reputation as a world leader in creating a vibrant, healthy place for elders to live fully.  You have helped us set the standard in Saskatchewan and Canada for quality long term care services.

Why Give

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give through pledges, planned gifts, annual appeals, memorial and celebratory gifts, endowments, bequests, fundraisers or gifts of your time and talents. We have highlighted three of the most popular ways to give to Sherbrooke and Central Haven.
Memorial and Celebratory Gifts

Memorial and Celebratory Gifts

We are pleased to provide significant opportunities for you to honour family members, friends and colleagues.
General Gifts

General Gifts

There are so many amazing projects and creative ideas to enhance quality of life at Sherbrooke and Central Haven that we hope you will consider lending your support one or more of these exciting initiatives
Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts

By considering Sherbrooke and Central Haven’s Planned Giving Program, you are taking an important step in securing your future and the future of your loved ones.