You and Sherbrooke Foundation

With your gift to Sherbrooke Foundation, you are supporting full, abundant life at Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven Special Care Home. Both of our homes count on the foundation to fund enhancements and equipment needs that make life better for our elders.

People who love the culture and care at Sherbrooke and Central Haven also love to be part of our community of support. Your donation to Sherbrooke Foundation is appreciated very much. You make wonderful things happen!

A Sherbrooke-Inclusive garden, designed with people at all levels of care in mind

Spending time in the natural environment offers so many benefits for elders! What can we do so that all of our elders, including people at all levels of care and mobility, can safely enjoy the benefits and beauty of the garden? We envision a Sherbrooke-Inclusive outdoor environment where elders can freely walk and wheel along beautiful garden paths.

How to support the inclusive garden

Your gift moves mountains...actually, it moves humans!

We all need a little help sometimes. A ceiling track lift is a wonderful tool for our care partners to offer a high standard of loving care. It’s a smoother, safer, more adaptive way to help elders with everyday tasks. Donors can make a world of difference!

How your gift of movement helps

Thank you to our supporters