A Sneak Peek at the Spa Room Renovations

Thanks to a group of generous donors, the first phase of spa room renovations for several neighborhoods in the Marleau/Wyant residence is beginning this summer, starting with submission of tenders.

The spa room tub areas will feel cozy and intimate, and the shower areas will offer extra space for two care partners to provide assistance, accommodating elders with larger bodies and larger wheelchairs. The showers will have an easily accessible entry as well as a rain shower and a handheld shower.

samples of soft blue, beige, white, and wood effect finishes

Finishes will include a feature wall in light oak, wall tiles in soft white, and non-slip, easy-clean flooring in powder blue. Additional storage space will enclose utilities and equipment so the rooms will feel more relaxing and reflective of home.

The spa rooms are thoughtfully designed, but not extravagant. For example, the showerheads will be located so we can use the existing drains. The new non-slip, easy-clean flooring will be installed over the existing flooring. No major moving of walls will be required, thankfully.

stack of white bath towels on a wooden stool


Our social work student, Madi, invited elders to share their perspectives on the bathing experience. We received some wonderful feedback! Here’s what we heard:

  • Many elders described the bathing experience as a relaxing, enjoyable time that they appreciate and look forward to.
  • We heard that many elders would enjoy extended, leisurely soaks, with deeper water in a larger tub, where they can linger, relax, and immerse sore muscles and joints.
  • As you would expect, the elders’ perspectives were as unique as they are, some preferring warm soaks, some bubble baths, and some showers.

Phase one of the spa rooms is funded by Sherbrooke Foundation and the Saskatchewan Health Authority. We appreciate the support of our many Sherbrooke Foundation donors who supported the Big Beautiful Bath appeal to make this renovation possible!