Sherbrooke's Story

Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven Special Care Home, a part of the Sherbrooke family since 2007, are collectively home to about 323 residents, 600 staff, hundreds of volunteers, 100 day program participants, 36 children at the Oak Trees and Acorn Child Care Centre, 22 Grade 6 students in the onsite iGen (inter-generational classroom), over 100 children through our partnership programs with local schools and Calder Treatment Centre. With the support of our corporate and individual donors the Sherbrooke Foundation Inc. is able to meet the varied needs of the community.

Sherbrooke is considered one of the most innovative facilities in Canada See Sherbrooke Community Centre a Canadian success story on CTV. In 2010 we were presented with the Master Gardener Award as the best long term care home in the world at the Eden Alternative International Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The successes that we are experiencing at Sherbrooke, the improved quality of life for residents and the increased opportunities for volunteers, students and families to become involved in building a vibrant community at Sherbrooke are a testament to good planning and the support of our many generous and committed donors.

But the work continues! To ensure that Sherbrooke can continue to implement important innovations and further expand the Eden Alternative ® philosophy, we need your support!

As a potential donor, we know you will be proud to be associated with Sherbrooke. We welcome you to our home and our lives!

An Elder is not defined by age, and does not refer to the elder in First Nations culture, rather it is a term interchangeable with Resident. We define an Elder as a person who has something to teach us. Sherbrooke Community Centre has been a registered Eden Alternative home since 1999.

To learn more about Sherbrooke’s mission, vision and values, the principles of the Eden Alternative ®, the Eden Domains of Well-Being and Sherbrooke’s Village Model, person-directed care and multi-skilled staff please go to