Joan Carter and Family

Robert A Carter Centre for Learning located in the lower level at Sherbrooke, is a newly renovated and repurposed area with a large teaching lab and a multi-purpose classroom. In addition, the Centre will includes an art gallery, 2nd classroom and the iGen intergenerational classroom. Brooke Sittler, Sherbrooke Board Chair said, because we have so many students coming to Sherbrooke, it made sense to us, to turn some storage and under- utilized space into a bright, inviting Centre for learning. We were able to open the Centre due to the generosity of the family of Robert A. Carter.

The Centre pays tribute to Robert Carter, a former Community Day Program participant. “Bob was a great guy and much loved by everyone in the day program” Bob and Joan Carter were both so much a part of our world. He dedicated his life to teaching and we continued to learn from him while he was a participant in the program. He is missed.”

Mr. Carter was a beloved teacher in the Saskatoon School system. His career spanned 30 years and included time at Sutherland, City Park and 25 years at Aden Bowman. He showed his passion for teaching through his endless patience and wonderful sense of humour. Bob touched the lives of thousands of students throughout the years.

Bob had a very analytical mind but developed a truly artistic flair later in life. He produced many wonderful watercolour paintings, sketches and etchings that are enjoyed by family and friends. His art work is proudly displayed as an integral component of the signage for the Carter Centre.

Cheryl George, Sherbrooke Education Leader said, “Mr. Carter’s creative spirit in both his teaching and art speaks to Sherbrooke’s mission to create a community where all members can live full and abundant lives. Mr. Carter understood the importance of life- long learning and so his name stands as a constant reminder to all of us who work with staff, volunteers and students at Sherbrooke and Central Haven. “George went on to say, “The Carter family’s generous support enables us to create a space that supports learning, sharing and growth as we welcome students from throughout the education system and from around the world.” Bob`s wife Joan was also a participant in the day program and she was the driving force behind the family donation. Joan si an amazing woman who brought such joy and life to Sherbrooke. Joan now lives in our sister home at Central Haven.

Mr. Carter’s son Cal Carter said, “My father would be deeply humbled to see this facility where countless others will be able to pursue their educational and artistic dreams. My mother and our family are honoured to share this opportunity and dedicate it in his memory.”