Your Gift for Ceiling Track Lifts

Your gift moves mountains…actually, it moves humans!

A ceiling track lift makes a world of difference for an elder with limited mobility. Having access to this lift system right in their room enables them to “spread their wings” whenever they need assistance. Life becomes more comfortable and easier.

With a ceiling track lift, we can smoothly assist an elder to shift position in bed, move into a wheelchair, or travel out into the community. It’s a more comfortable, adaptive, safe way for our care partners to help with everyday tasks.

Ceiling track lifts are needed

Unfortunately, we do not have a ceiling track lift system installed in every room at Central Haven…yet. Some elders do not require this help, but others do rely on lift systems daily. When their abilities change, sometimes an elder needs to move to a different room, and this can be difficult for them. And without ceiling track lifts, staff can be at risk of injuries while doing the work they love.

A ceiling track lift is a wonderful tool for care partners to offer a high standard of care for elders.

Installing a state-of-the-art tool like a ceiling track lift comes at an expense. The estimated cost per lift system is $8,000. We are asking our generous community of support to help.

You can help

Your donation to the Central Haven “Moving Mountains” appeal will help us provide comfort and dignity for elders. A ceiling track lift in every room would be a dream come true.

To make a secure online donation for this Central Haven initiative today, click on Central Haven Donations. Or, you can find additional info here: Ways to Give.

Thank you! Your donation makes a world of difference for elders!