Central Haven Bequest

From 2001 to 2014, Agatha Ens called Central Haven home. During her time there she made many friends and was grateful for the caring staff. She became known as the local weather lady alerting the staff to heavy rainfall warnings, storms and an impending tornado. Agatha watched the weather station in her room up to her last days. She had a bird station outside her window and was always concerned that the sparrows had enough to eat especially in the winter. She loved animals and children of all ages.

When she was mobile and even when she had to use a wheelchair, she enjoyed folding laundry and was very focused on doing a good job, and expected that from everyone!

She was a woman who loved God and Jesus, loved attending church and musical events. We had Scottish dancers on one occasion and she commented that it was the first time that she had ever seen something so wonderful. At the age of ninety (plus) she enjoyed this new experience; it brought her such joy.

Agatha was a very generous person and continued to give through her estate.