Poppy Fund

The Saskatoon Poppy Fund generously donates money collected through Poppy Fund Campaigns. The men and women who represent the Poppy Fund go the extra mile to ensure that Veterans have the equipment they need for their comfort and safety. Funds raised annually, stay in the community and are made available, through a grant process, and support various projects which enhance quality of life for those men and women who fought so bravely for Canada’s freedom!. Our Veterans deserve the best and as a result of the generosity of the Poppy Fund we have realized over $207,000 to purchase lifts, a bus, a van and other equipment. The Sherbrooke Foundation Board, staff, and families appreciate the Poppy Fund’s ongoing commitment. Your support means so much to the Veterans living in the Village at Sherbrooke and to their families. We cannot thank you enough for standing on guard for Canada’s Veterans.