Support the Sherbrooke-Inclusive Garden

Our dream: a beautiful garden designed for inclusion

We love finding ways for elders to enjoy the benefits of outdoor living at Sherbrooke, to experience beauty, spirituality, joy, and connection. Gardens offer profound healing effects.

However, for some of our residents experiencing cognitive change, venturing out the front doors, making use of the patio, and traveling around the grounds isn’t easy. What can we do so that all of our elders, including people at all levels of care and mobility, can safely enjoy the benefits and beauty of the garden?

If we can create an inclusive outdoor environment–designed especially to guide and support elders–we can open up a world for them to enjoy.

Our word for this vision is “Sherbrooke-Inclusive”

We envision a “Sherbrooke-Inclusive” outdoor environment where elders can freely walk and wheel along beautiful garden paths.

Our dream Sherbrooke-Inclusive garden includes:

  • new decorative iron fencing and gates for a safe perimeter with an expanded area for exploring
  • concrete work with gentle, curved pathways that are easy to navigate
  • new seating for shady places to rest and visit
  • large floral planters that provide beauty and colour to guide the eye

Your gift matters here

We welcome your donation. As a member of our community of shared purpose, we know you care about supporting full, abundant life at Sherbrooke.

To make a secure online donation for the Sherbrooke-Inclusive garden today, click on Donate. Or, you can find additional info here:  Ways to Give.

Thank you! Your donation helps create a human habitat where elders thrive.