So Excited for TeleMiracle 48!

Memories of TeleMiracle

Many of us born-and-raised Saskatchewan folks are huge fans of Kinsmen TeleMiracle. Watching the telethon is one of my favourite childhood memories.

The first TeleMiracle telethon happened in 1977, and Saskatchewan folks have donated $159 million over the years, supporting Kinsmen Foundation’s grants for specialized mobility and medical equipment for people and organizations throughout our province.

CEO Kim and Telemiracle Fundraising lead Brad accept a gift from Kinsmen Foundation

CEO Kim and Telemiracle Fundraising lead Brad accept a gift from Kinsmen Foundation

Sherbrooke and TeleMiracle

Sherbrooke Foundation is incredibly proud to support TeleMiracle 48 and will be cheering on our TeleMiracle fundraising lead and spokesperson, Brad, as he makes an on-air cheque presentation on behalf of our community early Sunday afternoon. We appreciate everyone in our community of support who contributed to our TeleMiracle fundraiser. If you live at Sherbrooke or visit, check out our huge wall covered with TeleMiracle Helping Hands!

In January, Sherbrooke accepted a generous gift of $95,000 designated for our ceiling track lift “Lifting Spirits” projects. The very first gift Sherbrooke received from the Kinsmen Foundation was in 1976 to support the construction of the Gilbert Wright Recreation Centre. Our friendship continued through the years with gifts to support the pool, resident lounges, a bus, and the Kinsmen Village ($1 million).

Sherbrooke Foundation provides funding support for Sherbrooke Community Centre and Central Haven residents and elders to live a full and abundant life. We are grateful every day for the many ways TeleMiracle and the Kinsmen continue to support both of our homes.

“Ring Those Phones!”

The TeleMiracle 48 national cast includes Beverly Mahood, Brad Johner, Luc Johner, Dione Taylor, Jay Semko, Jeffrey Straker, Jill Straker, and others. In December, a list of 75 local performers from across Saskatchewan were announced.

TeleMiracle 48 will be held in Regina, Sk on February 24th and 25th. This year the 20-hour telethon includes a live audience, and tickets are sold out. You can watch TeleMiracle 48 live on CTV across Saskatchewan, or live streamed on the page.

Photo by Eric Anderson.