Reinventing Community ...Together

Because of you and the Sherbrooke Foundation, together we can fund life-enhancing equipment, essential home needs and improvements.

“Strength, perseverance, resilience, adaptability… Residents and staff have valiantly persevered. Together they have reinvented their community. They have found ways to provide recreation, nurture social engagement and connect with loved ones via technology. The monumental task to keep one another safe is accomplished while maintaining a commitment to fulfill aspirations, dreams, and a desire to live life to the fullest. Staff have fostered emotional ties, providing continuity, love, humour, and joy despite the crisis.”                 – Patti T., Edmonton

Your gift to the Sherbrooke Foundation ensures that our Elders’ homes at Sherbrooke and Central Haven facilitate the kind of community that helps people live life to the full. We’re so glad to work together with donors like you. Thank you.

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Sherbrooke Foundation

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Note to donors: Requests to use gifts for specific purposes will be considered but may be directed to an alternate program or project. If the requested purpose does not meet the approval of the board of directors or does not align with Sherbrooke Foundation’s budgeted priorities or the specified need has already been met, while striving to honour the donors’ intent, such gifts will be directed to where it is most needed. Thank you!